Deathwalker 1.4

             The voice echoed arrogantly against the stone with an edge that warned of a man used to being obeyed. I fleetingly considered apologizing for bothering him and running away. As if sensing my thoughts, a heavy sigh echoed.
            “If you dare be rude enough to wake me, you can be polite enough to step inside to speak with me properly.”
            Wincing internally, I crossed the threshold. I had seen firsthand what the dead could do when displeased. I needed to get on his good side – and fast. I strained my brain for details on his time period. That far in the past was not covered in details in school, but I vaguely recalled something about obeisance. Hoping that he would take it as intended, I attempted what I thought was called a bow.
            If silence could sound like a raised eyebrow, that was his response.
            “My apologies for disturbing you,” I spoke from the bent position, suddenly afraid that it would be rude to get up without permission. “Ter Fless politely requests that I might asks Your Worship some questions.”

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