Wind Town 1


             Matt grabbed his frisbee and dashed out of his room and down the hallway. Mom and Dad were poring over maps on the dining room table, as usual. Matt thought they were nuts. He couldn’t imagine working all day and then spending hours staring at maps. He wanted to have some fun.
            “I’m going out!” he called and raced out before they could glance up. He paused only long enough to open the door before flying through.
            “What’re you doing?”
            The unexpected question had him instinctively jerking around, throwing off his balance and knocking himself into the post. He grabbed it to catch his balance and dropped the frisbee in the process. It bounced down the steps before settling at the bottoms. Sarah gasped, and Matt grimaced.
            “Mom and Dad said not to play frisbee anymore,” Sarah accused.
            Matt groaned. Little sisters were such pests!

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