Wind Town 1.1

             “They won’t know – they’re too busy looking at maps!” he argued persuasively. When she grabbed a lock of hair and began chewing on it, he knew she was uncertain. He took a step, reached down for the frisbee, and held it out temptingly. “Want to play, too?”
            The hair fell away, forgotten, as her face lit up with excitement. She sat up on the porch swing so suddenly that it nearly bucked her off.
            Victory sang through Matt.
            “Sure,” he grinned, cocky now. “If you can catch me!”
            With that, he leaped off the porch and took off across the yard.
            “Matt! Wait” Sarah’s wail was music to his ears. “That’s not fair!”
            Exhilarated by the run and her reaction, Matt put on a burst of speed and left her in the dust. It would’ve been fun to keep going and lose her in the fields, but he was smart enough to know that would send her running to Mom and Dad. So when he reached the overgrown fields next to theirs, he stopped and waited for her, laughing as she strained to catch up.

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