Deathwalker 1.6

             I managed to hold on to my dignity until I made it back to the Whisp. Inside, I walked calmly to the captain’s seat and collapsed, gulping in huge breaths of air. Trembling, I covered my face in my hands and tried to wrap my head around the fact that I’d been stupid enough to try that.
            And that I’d succeeded.
            With one shaking hand, I pulled out the parchment of questions and answers. Staring at it, I continued to quiver with a combination of shock, elation, and relief. I should’ve been dead, or worse. Instead, Tomas had not only let me leave unharmed, he had answered every question.
            Slowly, it began to sink in that I, who had barely gotten my license for this system, had succeeded at the job that none of the veterans had dared try. Still staring at the expensive parchment, I broke out into a manic grin, raised my arms, and cheered wildly.
            No one would be able to ignore me now.

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