Wind Town 1.2

             “Slowpoke,” he jeered when she arrived, panting. He snorted when she bent over to rest on her knees.
            “Your legs are longer,” she protested between gasps.
            Matt rolled his eyes.
            “Do you want to play or not?”
            She nodded so hard he thought her head would fall off.
            “You better look then!” he warned and flung the frisbee into the air. It flew in a high arc. Then, abruptly, it changed directions midair, turning to the right.
            “It caught it!” Sarah squealed.
            Matt watched, fascinated as the frisbee zipped away from them in a broad curve before winging back. He knew the exact moment when the wind released the frisbee because it wobbled and began to glide in a normal path.
            “I’ve got it!” he yelled and raced across the field. He kept his eyes on that bright red and leaped up to catch it. When his hands closed around worn plastic, he grinned and laughed, holding it up in victory. “Again!” he cheered.

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