Wind Town 1.3

             He drew back his arm as Sarah ran up, whining.
            “It’s my turn!”
            Just before she got to him, he released it into the sky.
            “If you catch it, you can throw it.” He smirked at her with cocky arrogance.
            The wind had already grabbed the frisbee and was turning it end-over-end. The bright red flipped it in the air and changed directions like the show of a very skilled juggler. Again, it released the toy at an angle that sent it far enough away from them that they’d have to run for it.
            Matt turned to tell Sarah to run, but she was already sprinting away. He frowned.
            “You’re not going to make it!” he yelled.
            She put on a little more speed. Matt judged her distance from the frisbee’s path. She still wasn’t going to make it.
            Even as he thought it, the frisbee’s speed adjusted, shortening its path. Sarah took two giant steps, dove forward, and grabbed the frisbee with both hands. Overextended, she fell flat on her face.

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