Wind Town 1.5

            As abruptly as it had started, the wind calmed. The hard impact of the ground against his back jolted his limbs against the joints, sending them flailing briefly in the air. All the air burst from his lungs, and his head smacked against the hard dirt. For a moment, he lay dazed in the dirt and grass.
            The sound of crying slowly penetrated the fog of pain and shock. He struggled against the unfocused feeling to raise his head.
            “Sarah,” he whispered.
            He could barely see her through the tall grasses and weeds. She was curled up on her side with her back to him. Although he couldn’t see any injuries, he could hear her crying. He tried to get up, to go to her, but his body seemed almost disconnected. It didn’t want to do what he told it to. He heard her whimper. Trembling, he forced himself to his knees. Face taut with determination, he attempted to stand.
            He couldn’t. And the hard landing back on his hands cut his palms on the sharp grass. Sarah stopped crying. Teeth gritted, Matt concentrated with all his might and crawled toward where he’d last heard his little sister.
            Hand. Knee. Hand. Knee. Matt focused on each movement even as he strained to hear Sarah. As he crawled, his body began to steady. Movements became easier. As his body began to act more normal, he dared to raise his head. He could see her huddled form through the grass. Almost there.
            “Sarah.” Her name came out a hoarse croak. He cleared his throat as he crawled forward. “Sarah, are you ok?”
            A sniffle eased some of the tension in him. At least, she was still alive. 

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