Deathwalker 2.1

             The console signaled that we had entered the Ialuan entry field. I hit the command to relinquish control and sat back as the planet’s automated system guided the ship first into orbit and then into the atmosphere. No one had ever been able to explain to me how the field kept the ship from burning up, so I always watched closely, trying to figure out the trick. Then, as usual, I got distracted by the fascinating dance of the ships interweaving as the system matched destination to open airspace.
            It was beautiful as ever. I sighed and closed my eyes. It would be more beautiful if I didn’t have to face the main office once I landed. The tension that had seeped away started to take root again.
            “But I did it.” I touched the pocket with the priceless parchment inside.
            I wanted to believe that would make a difference. I had succeeded. Not only succeeded – succeeded at something none of them had dared to try. Thinking back to their haughty, scornful attitudes, I raised my head and hit my fist against the pocket. With a sound of disgust, I deliberately opened my eyes and leaned forward to watch the aerial display. Maybe, I couldn’t change them. But I would know. Better, I would know that they knew. No matter how they acted.
            With a half-smile, I leaned forward to enjoy the view.

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