Deathwalker 2.2

             The pompous white-haired receptionist goggled when I walked through the door. From the way his eyebrows raised, he clearly hadn’t expected me to come back. His ridiculous expression was even better than the view from the ship. I snickered once before I caught myself.
            He must have heard it – he pulled himself together and sneered down his nose at me like a bird trying to peer around its beak.
            “I see you came to your senses,” his imperious tone rang in the pretentiously white hall. “Return the case to the sequentior. Your account will be charged 49.99al for reprocessing and incompletion penalties.”
            Ignoring his instructions was a special kind of pleasure. His glare spoke wordlessly, outlining my idiocy and inability to follow simple directions. That made revealing the parchment all the more satisfying.
            “Deathwalker Sephtis reporting Case T.1494 completed as requested,” I stated smugly.
            His eyes bulged, and his mouth actually, physically dropped. Actually, it kind of chewed the air as if he kept trying to talk, but nothing was coming out. Abruptly, it closed with a snap. He pressed his lips together, and his face reddened and swelled until I thought it would explode into his fluffy white hair. When he finally opened his mouth again, he was practically twitching with indignation.
             “How dare you attempt to submit a fraudulent completion!” he spluttered, waving his hands like a seizing bird and growing louder by the moment. “You mendacious upstart – I will have your license revoked for this!” 

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