Wind Town 1.6

             In a rush, he scrambled the rest of the way to get to her. Reaching out a hand, he touched her shoulder. She jerked and curled up tighter with a little whimper.
            “Sarah, are you hurt?”
            She didn’t answer. Starting to panic, Matt reached out to turn her over and jerked back, remembering at the last minute that he shouldn’t move her if she was hurt. With a whimper of his own, he scurried around to the other side. She was curled up on herself, but he couldn’t see blood anywhere.
            “Sarah?” he ran his hand over her arm. He thought that was what he was supposed to do. But what was he supposed to feel? The arm seemed normal. She jerked away a little. Was she ignoring him?
            “Sarah! Are you ok?”
            The yelling finally got through. Sarah raised her head. Her face was red and puffy from crying. Although he could see her mouth move, all he could hear was a pathetic little moan.
            Her eyes closed, and tears leaked from behind her eyelids. Matt couldn’t understand what was wrong. She didn’t seem hurt, but she wasn’t talking to him. Fear started to transform into anger.
            “Come on, Sarah! Are you hurt or not?”
            He was on the verge of getting up and leaving her when her mouth opened again.
            “I don’t want to play anymore.”
            The whisper was barely out when a soft, warm wind blew over them, caressing their faces in a comforting, gentle touch. Sarah started and gasped. Matt felt his own muscles knot as his heart sped up rapidly. Even though the wind didn’t seem mad anymore, he remembered. He realized that Sarah was trembling again, and the longer the wind blew, the worse it was getting. She remembered, too.
             He needed to make it stop. The question was how. His hands fisted as his mind raced.
              A sliding rustle yanked Matt out of the problem, jerking his head up. A circle of red lay vibrant and glaring in the grass. Matt swallowed. There was no way Sarah was going to get up and play right now. Ten minutes ago, that would’ve been fine. Now… he wasn’t sure how the wind would react.
            Another rustle brought his attention back to Sarah. She was shaking so hard that the grass around her trembled, too. He had to do something.
            “I need to take Sarah home,” his voice broke halfway through, ending in an embarrassing squeak. He was so focused on the wind, he barely noticed. The air had gone absolutely still. A second ago, that was all Matt wanted. But the stillness was worse. He swallowed and tried again.
            “Maybe, we can come back and play when she feels better,” he held his breath. What would the wind do?

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