Deathwalker 2.4

            The droids were too close. In another instant, those frightening metal prongs would touch me, and do who knew what. Nothing good. I flinched away instinctively before I realized that they’d stopped moving.
            Every single one of them had stopped. As the shock of that sank in, I could only stare blankly at the white statues surrounding me. Did that actually work?
            Abruptly, the disturbing metal implements snapped back into the white casement. I jerked back automatically, bumping into a robot behind me. As soon as I made contact, I jumped back. They’d gotten so close I was going to send them crashing like dominos if I wasn’t careful!
            I forced in a deep breath and reminded myself that they were no longer trying to kill me (right now). Feeling moderately calmer, I became aware of the horrible din of humans shouting at each other. The old bird was the loudest, huffing about how I dared to present a false report and that I needed to be arrested immediately. Everyone else’s shouts were so muddled together, it was hard to tell what they were saying. I think some were trying to find out how he knew it was fake. Others seemed to be demanding the case number.
            The main point for me was that none of them were paying me the least bit of attention. Maybe, it was time to cut my losses and try a different system.
            I edged toward the door, and the rows of robots in front of me closed ranks with a definitive clang. My breathing started to speed up again, and my chest felt tight. It seemed that I was going to stay here until the humans decided what to do with me. I glanced at the fluttering white hair in the crowd of people (many of them now glaring at me) and felt my spirits sink.

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