Deathwalker 2.5

             With a heartfelt sigh, I sank down onto the floor in the middle of the robots. I couldn’t do anything about the humans until they calmed down. By then, I needed to be calm myself, or my chances of getting out of here without jail time would be zip. Deliberately, I closed my eyes and took a deep, soothing breath. Seeking silence as Neph would say.
            I couldn’t find it. Even if I blocked out the general hubbub, my heartbeat was rushing in my ears, and my stomach was growling with the fervor of a prehistoric beast.
            Blowing out the breath, I put a hand on my stomach. It felt like it was trying to eat right through my skin. And my food money was getting further and further out of my reach. My next deep breath came out as a sigh, and I gave up on calming down. Maybe, they’d give me a meal in prison.
            Opening my eyes, I found (surprise!) a wall of shiny white robots. At least they blocked the noise a little. Lifting my head, I could see that the crowd was as rowdy as ever. And… oh, no. Some of them were heading for me. Instinctively, I huddled down behind the robots. Mind scrambling, I pressed my hands to my forehead. Think. Think! What were they planning to do? And what could I do about it?
            The cursing above me made my hands drop, and I had to raise my head and see what was going on. It wasn’t easy to do without jumping up and giving away my position. It looked like the two men who had started toward me were cursing as they tried to get past the tight formation of robots. Huh. I lifted my head a little higher. Although the men were swearing and ordering the robots to move, the shining bots stayed exactly where they were – even when the men attempted to push them aside.
            Had the bots malfunctioned, or were they protecting me?

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