Wind Town 1.8

             Matt broke into a half run. Now that he wasn’t carrying Sarah, his body began to work better. But carrying her had taken a toll on his legs. And although he might have been fine on flat ground, the fields were covered with huge dirt clods, holes, and clumps of grass. The weird angles and sudden movement of the dirt made his legs work harder. A step wrong would send him careening to the side or make him stumble as his foot and ankle twisted in different directions. He caught himself again and again, pushing himself as fast as he could.
            He had to get there before the wind changed its mind.
            As soon as he passed the barn, he could see the frisbee, hovering in midair on its personal whirlwind. Exactly where it’d been when they left. The red plastic that had once seemed so fun now reigned malevolently over the yellowing grass. The closer Matt got, the more tension started to eat away at his insides. What would the wind do now? He used to know what to expect. Not anymore.
            By the time he staggered to a halt next to the frisbee, he was a little winded. His legs trembled. Fatigue or fear, he didn’t know.
            He didn’t have time to figure it out. As soon as he got there, the frisbee shot up into the air, flipping and darting in its usual show. Matt braced himself and watched it like a cat waiting for a mouse to emerge from its hole. Everything depended on this. Despite his quivering leg muscles, he was ready when the frisbee whipped out straight away from him. As soon as it started to go, he took off running.
            Pushing his tiring body, he raced across the field. Even as he ran, he pictured what the wind might do if he missed. He didn’t know, and he didn’t want to find out. The tension built inside him like boiling water in a kettle, and his world narrowed to that red circle. 
Closer, closer.
            Somehow, he managed to catch it. The tension warred with relief, and he stopped so abruptly, he swayed one his feet. He needed a moment to recover. But the stillness in the air told him that the wind was waiting. With a sinking feeling, he pulled in the frisbee and sent it flying back out into the air. The wind caught it, and the cycle began again.
            What had he gotten himself into?

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