Wind Town 2.0

             “Matt!” The high-pitched squeal made his knotted muscles relax, but he didn’t open his tired eyes until a loud thud next to him startled them open. Sarah was kneeling next to him. She was horribly pale, and her eyes were huge in her face. He looked her over blearily. She seemed ok. Better.
            “He’s all right, Sarah,” Mom said. With great effort, Matt rolled his head to the right and found her kneeling on that side. She was looking at Dad. Matt blinked as his dad laid a hand on her head, and she leaned against his side. Their faces were paler – and older – than he’d ever seen them.
            There was something about that that should bother him, but it was too hard to keep his eyes open.
            “What’s wrong with him?”
            “He’s just tired,” Dad’s deep voice was low and reassuring. “Now, back up a bit, sweetie. I need to get to your brother.”
            Not really listening to the words, Matt felt the rest of his worry ease automatically at the sound of that deep rumble. By the time the shuffling around him was done, Matt’s world was the half-fog of approaching sleep. He barely felt the hands pressed lightly against his chest, and their warmth only made the fog deepen. Then, it was as if a blast of wind rushed through him, entering his chest and flowing through his entire body.
            Matt sat up with a gasp, completely awake as terror spiked. His head twisted from side to side, trying to find evidence of the wind. How had it gotten in? What would it do? No matter where he looked, he saw nothing. The drapes didn’t move; the papers didn’t rustle. But he couldn’t feel that awful stillness either.
            “Shhhh, it’s ok Matt,” his mom reached out and touched his shoulder. The touch made him jerk back, and he stared at her hand.
            “It was you!” he gasped. His dad moved, and Matt flinched away from them both, instinctively scooting as far away as he could and running hard into the door. “It was both of you!”

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