Wind Town 2.5

             He hadn’t expected the answer to be to eat dinner and go to bed. He’d wanted to start learning or searching or whatever right then, but his parents said that was enough for one day. Seeing Mom that upset, he’d swallowed the objection and done as they’d said. That left all the unasked questions still buzzing in his head.
            Matt lay in his bed and stared at the dark window. Every so often, he could hear the tree branches move or the panes rattle and knew that the wind was outside. He didn’t know what kept it out of the house – was there something that kept it out of the house? What would happen if the wind decided it wanted in? The questions made the inside of his chest feel like it was wired with electricity. As he stared and thought, the edgy feeling grew until he knew there was no way he could sleep.
            Pushing back the light blanket, he sat up and swung his feet over the edge of the bed. Peering in the darkness, he tried to find the board that always squeaked and slowly put his feet down well to the side of it. As he carefully lowered each foot, the muscles of his leg reminded him of the day’s abuse with sharp pains that made his legs twitch and tense. The first time it happened, he stumbled, caught himself with a heavy step, and then froze, listening to see if anyone else got up to check. The only sound was the ticking of the old grandfather clock, booming away in the darkness.
            Swallowing to wet his dry mouth, Matt started walking again. When he didn’t try to lower his feet so slowly, his legs didn’t seem to mind as much, and he made his way to the kitchen without further incident.

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