Wind Town 2.6

  ​      In the darkened kitchen, he stood for a moment, staring at the cold stove and the dark shelves. He rubbed his gritty eyes and leaned on the table. He wasn’t really sure why he’d come in here. He wasn’t hungry at all.  He’d barely managed swallow a few bites at dinner, and with the knots in his stomach, he couldn’t imagine eating anything now. He stood for another moment before sighing and taking down their old scarred kettle. Mom  and Dad always made tea when someone was upset or needed to calm down. But that was for little worries. Matt frowned at the worn metal and finally shrugged. If it didn’t help, at least it would give him something to do.
        He pumped the water as quietly as he could, but his hand jerked, knocking the kettle into the sink side as he realized why Mom had insisted on putting in an indoor pump and sink. His breath caught and his shoulders tensed. The kettle hit the sink again. The metal clang rang out in the still darkness. He froze, but the only sound he heard was the trickling water.
        Blowing out a deep breath, Matt carefully set the kettle on the burner. Pulling out the matches, he removed one and then reached for the gas. His hand paused an inch from the knob, and he frowned at it for a minute before finally switching it on. The quiet hiss sent a shiver down his spine. Swallowing, he struck the match and poked the tiny flame under the burner. It caught with a whoosh, the blue light stinging his eyes in the darkened kitchen.

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