Wind Town 2.7

        Matt backed away instantly. His eyebrows lowered, and he kept his gaze fixed on the flickering light. When it did nothing but glow and heat under the circle of the burner, he hesitantly moved by it for a mug and the tea tin. Every few seconds his eyes darted back to the fire. 
​        He set the supplies on the table and turned back to the stove. The low sound the fire made was almost more a pressure in his ears than a noise. He closed his eyes and listened to it as best he could, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t pick out any meaning. Finally, he opened his eyes. Scratching his head, he shrugged uncomfortably.
​        “Thank you for heating the water,” he whispered in a carefully respectful tone. The light of the fire flared white for an instant, and Matt’s breath caught.
​        “What are you doing?” 
​        The hiss from behind him had Matt spinning so fast that he nearly knocked over the chair next to him. Sarah stood in the doorway in her pale nightgown, looking like an annoying little ghost. He sank down into the chair in relief.
​        “I’m making tea,” he said just as quietly. “Go back to bed.”
​        “I can’t sleep.” She sat across from him. “I keep hearing the wind. At the windows.”
​        She shivered, and Matt swallowed hard. For a moment, they sat in silence. Matt knew she was scared, and he knew it was his fault. If he hadn’t disobeyed Mom and Dad and played frisbee, today wouldn’t have happened. His fingers traced restless patterns on the table in the growing silence. Finally, they hesitated.
​        “Mom made it stop,” he realized out loud. Excitement flowed through him with a rush of giddy relief.  He reached out and pressed his hand flat on the table in front of Sarah, leaning in over it. “She knew how to make it stop without making it mad!”

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