Deathwalker 3.91

            Swallowing down the instinctive “Yes!” I tried to appear professional and consider my options. And the practicalities. As much as I wanted to offer to fly myself, it would be foolhardy to refuse an experienced crew with an uncharted system. Plus, even the payment for the Tomas job (if I ever got it) wouldn’t cover the fuel and supplies for that trip. My only option was to run and get the Whisp into a long-term docking contract before I had to board.
            If I took the job. Obviously, it would be a great career move – impressing Ter Fless and Ter Dryst would basically make my reputation on Ialu. My only problem was how to ask about money – both already owed and the fee for the new job. So far, Ter Fless hadn’t mentioned it at all. I cleared my throat.
            “It is definitely an interesting proposition, sir,” I started excruciatingly politely, “but what did you say the fee for this job would be? And would it pay upon completion or upon my return here as with the Tomas case?” I was kind of proud of how I mentioned the Tomas case without obviously stating he hadn’t paid me yet.
            To my surprise, Ter Fless turned to Ter Dryst with an exclamation of delight.
            “I told you he would not forget, Kau!” He chortled. Turning back to me, he explained, “Kau insisted you would agree without discussing your payment.” He wagged a finger at Ter Dryst who seemed completely unperturbed.
            “I am pleasantly surprised,” was his only response.
            “Your meals and transport will be covered, and as for pay, shall we say triple the fee for talking to Tomas?” Ter Fless said it so offhandedly, my jaw wanted to drop. “Payment to be received on turning in the answers to me here, just as the Tomas case. Feel free to check and be sure it has posted to your account.”

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