Deathwalker 3.92

            It took an instant for me to realize the last was referring to the payment for talking to Tomas. When they both continued to look at me expectantly, I shifted uneasily. It looked like I had no choice but to check in front of them.
            Reluctantly, I clapped the fingers of my left hand against my palm sharply to activate the implants and then spread them wide as a screen of light appeared between them. An alert bounced across the screen, announcing the payment from the guild. Satisfied, I clapped the fingers down again, and the light faded away. It was my first time using it in front of strangers – that seemed like a good way to lose a hand – and the pressure of their interested attention made my skin crawl.
            “You surprise me again, Deathwalker Sephtis,” Ter Fless said in a soft, wondering tone. “Is this technology common among the Kaihmi?”
            “No, sir,” I replied. I wanted to stop there, but their expressions demanded more. “It’s a new technology developing on Velius. It’s still a prototype – I’m testing it out for them.” The deal had been a bonus for a successful deathwalk, but I didn’t think they needed to know that. And I was cursing myself for leaving my old compwatch on Whisp.
            “Velius… I don’t believe I’m familiar with that planet.” Ter Fless threw Ter Dryst a questioning look. Ter Dryst shook his head minutely. I could see the wheels turning in Ter Fless’ head and jumped to head them off.
            “Perhaps I can tell you more about it when I return,” I suggested hastily and rushed on. “From what you said, I need to hurry.”
            His whole face lit up, and I could see that Velius was forgotten instantly.
            “You’ll take the job, then?” He beamed and held out his hand. It made me smile.
            “Yes, sir.”
            In an ancient gesture, we shook hands and sealed the deal.


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