Wind Town 2.8

            “She… Mom did?” Sarah stuttered, gaping at him with shock and disbelief.
            “She brought it a pinwheel to play with!” Matt waved his hands in the air in front of him as he tried to verbalize the sudden storm of thoughts. “She didn’t have time to go to the store – she must’ve had it here. She must’ve bought one before. In case it got mad!”
            “A pinwheel?” Sarah was goggling at him. “She wanted a pinwheel?”
            “No, the wind did,” Matt brushed her comment aside, but even brotherly annoyance couldn’t compete with the sudden surge of euphoria. “But Mom knew it would. Don’t you see?” He tapped his hands excitedly on the table. “Mom and Dad know stuff about it! Once they teach us, we’ll know, too. We’ll know how to keep from making it mad. We’ll know what to do if it picks us up again. We’ll be able to stop it!”
            With each word, the pale nervousness faded from Sarah’s face until she was glowing with excited relief.
            “Do you really think-” she cut off abruptly, the new color draining a little from her cheeks. “But what about the other people?” she gasped. “Mom said they made the wind act like that! If they keep-”
            “We’ll fix it,” Matt interrupted. He could see it now. He could see how it would work. “Like Mom and Dad have been. Only there’ll be more of us doing it, so we’ll do better. And if we teach them about it, they’ll stop upsetting it!”
            Sarah bit her lip and stared at the dark window.
            “We’ll be safe,” she whispered, almost too quiet to be heard.
            The shrill whistle of the kettle quickly covered her voice. Matt leapt up and turned off the burner with new confidence. He set the kettle on the back to cool without bothering to pour any water for tea. He didn’t need it now. Now, he knew what to do.

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