Deathwalker 4.0

            They were right about the time crunch. Once Ter Dryst got me back to the city, I barely had time to dock Whisp, grab my stuff, and buy something hot to eat at the main terminal. I usually like to savor strange foods (and I hadn’t had much Ialuan fare yet), but I was too hungry. And in too much of a hurry. I ate as I rushed down from one floor to the next through the warren of hallways.
            I passed scanners several times, but the new badge on my collar seemed to be working since I made it through without setting off any alarms. Ter Dryst had handed me the badge (or “brooch” as Ter Fless would say) as he dropped me off, saying that I would need it to get to the ship. I’d assumed it was an ID so that the ship’s captain would let me on – until I’d followed the directions and ended up in a bleakly utilitarian hallway full of scanners. This definitely wasn’t part of the public area, and I really didn’t want to think about what would happen to me if I wasn’t supposed to be here. I’d had enough of that today.
            Just as I was beginning to fear I’d gone the wrong way and that I’d have to explain to Ter Dryst how I missed the ship because I got lost, I turned a corner and almost ran into a pair of CarbonCoreTM doors. Even as I jerked to a halt, they were swinging open, revealing a private dock. It was empty except for two figures leaning on the side of the ship.
            “About time.”


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