Wind Town 3.2

            “What are you doing?” Sarah whispered, glancing toward the kitchen where Mom had gone. She looked like she didn’t know whether she should tattle or not. Typical.
            “What does it look like?” Matt sneered impatiently. “I’m taking notes.” He’d already reached the limit of plants he remembered, so he went back further, writing down everything their mother had told them that morning. The more he tried to write, the more he got a sinking feeling that he didn’t remember enough. He felt a presence next to him and hunched down as Sarah tried to peer around him.
            “The feathers were in Europe.”
            “Wha?” he glanced back at her. She pointed to the spot where he’d been writing.
            “The group who used feathers to make it happy. They were in Europe,” she insisted.
            Matt frowned at the paper. He didn’t remember that. But he hadn’t been sure about the other either. He admitted that Sarah had probably been paying better attention. Giving in, he reached for the eraser and fixed it like she’d said.
            Then it was like he’d primed the pump, and she was spouting more and more bits of information and pointing at the paper. How did she remember all that? Matt wrote as fast as he could, and in a few minutes, he was on his third page. He blew out a breath when she paused for air. The only sound was the frantic scrape of lead.
            “What’s this?”
            It made both of them jump. Recognizing the voice, Matt didn’t turn. Instead, he focused on finishing the note he was writing.
            “Matt’s taking notes,” Sarah answered for him, like he knew she would.
            Something in the air warned him that someone was leaning over him again, and the scent of sweet perfume told him it was his mom. He wrote the last word and set his pencil down. A warm hand came to rest on his shoulder.
            “Notes, huh?” she said. “Let me see.”

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