Wind Town 3.3

            Dutifully, he handed her the pages, and she read as she walked to a chair. Seeing the cup of steaming tea in her hand, Matt glanced uneasily at the stove. The fire was out now, and it was probably a silly superstition. He shifted in his chair and glanced at his mom again. She was occupied with reading. Sarah was watching Mom. Matt turned his head back to the stove and mouthed, “Thank you for heating the water.”
            Of course nothing happened. Matt chided himself for being silly. After all, if he thanked the fire, shouldn’t he thank the water? What about the ground? Suddenly, his skin was crawling again.
            “This is wrong.”
            Matt jumped and spun back around. Mom was reaching for his eraser and going to work on one of the pages. Then, she grabbed the pencil. He couldn’t see what detail she was erasing, but he hoped it was one that Sarah had told him. Judging by Sarah’s nervous glances, it was.
            “All right,” Mom set the pencil down and raised her eyebrows at him. “What made you think of taking notes?” Matt sat up straighter, shifted uncomfortably, and finally shrugged.
            “I couldn’t remember it all?” His voice raised uncertainly as he finished. “It’s what we do at school.” He had a sudden horrible certainty that she was going to tell him that he needed to memorize it all, not write it down.
            “Good idea.” She turned to Sarah. “You better get yours, too.”

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