Deathwalker 4.4

            Instead of answering, I did my best Ter Dryst impression. As the last door on the hall, odds were it was against the outside wall of the ship, which meant it’d be cold. Not freezing – modern insul was better than that – but it would definitely be the coolest passenger bunk they had. And Caldlings weren’t what you’d call warm-blooded people. My jaw tightened. For them, this would be the worst possible room on the ship. If they didn’t know other races were different, they were trying to make my trip as uncomfortable as possible. Even if they did know, it was a pretty big insult.
            He opened the door, and a glance through the opening confirmed my guess. It also showed a standard storage locker and bunk combination. The locker was closed. That could mean any number of things. I’d heard of unwanted guests being shown to occupied rooms as an “accident.” At that moment, I wouldn’t put it past them to try it. Or to give me a broken locker out of spite.
            There was a moment of silence as I waited for the typical tour of the room. When nothing happened, I glanced at the crewman, but he didn’t seem inclined to do more than lean against the wall of the corridor. Either he felt like he’d done as much as he needed to, or he wanted to see what I’d do. And whatever I did, odds were, he’d be reporting it back to the captain.
            What was it with these people and tests?

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