Deathwalker 5.0

            I woke up bleary and thinking I was on one of Aunt Apikalia’s traders. Neith would be waiting for me somewhere, but the meal bell hadn’t rung yet. Good. I could sleep a bit more. With a low, grating groan, I rolled over, and my boot hit the curved wall with jarring thud. I shot upright and pushed them off in a panic – Aunt Apikalia would kill me if she caught me sleeping in my boots!
            The adrenaline worked better than a coffbar. I was suddenly wide awake and remembering where I was. And what I’d done. Like deliberately pissing off the captain. Covering my face with my hands, I fell back against the bed. I’d picked a fight with a Caldling! Sharp teeth and claws flashed through my mind. Pressing my hands to my eyes, I fought the memories. I didn’t want to see it or hear it again. But the bloody bodies and the panicked voices were already ringing through my head. Chills swept through me.
            How could I have been so reckless?
            If the crewmember hadn’t stopped us, we almost definitely would’ve fought. The captain had been mad enough and arrogant enough. He’d probably thought he’d rough me up a little, teach me a lesson. Unless he’d heard about what happened 12 years ago, he wouldn’t have known the risk he was taking. And as tired as I was, I’d only been thinking to fight back, to show that I wouldn’t be pushed around. But if I’d lost control… I shuddered.
            I could’ve killed him.


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