Wind Town 3.4

            Sarah took off instantly, twin braids flying out behind her as she clattered around the corner. Mom pulled out her chair and had barely sat down when the rumble of an engine reached the house. The sound grew, and the crackle of gravel warned that someone was driving up the driveway.
            Matt leapt out of his chair and dashed to the window. He didn’t really need to pull back the lace curtains to see, but he did anyway. The midmorning light was so bright that he blinked for a moment before he recognized the car.
            “It’s Dad!” he yelled, spinning around. “I thought he was helping the Brants today.”
            “He’s supposed to be,” his mom said softly as he ran by her to the back door.
            “Mom! Dad’s home!” Sarah appeared from the other room, yelling at the top of her lungs.
            “We know!” Matt rolled his eyes more from reflex than anything else. “Mom, should we change? Does he need us to help him?” Anything was better than studying.
            “I don’t know, Matt.” She answered almost absent-mindedly, her focus outside the door. “You and Sarah stay here. I’ll be right back.”
            “But Mom-” Matt and Sarah chorused. She only gave them a stern look.
            “Study.” With that she was gone, shutting the door firmly behind her.

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