Wind Town 3.5

            They gaped for a moment. Then, with an exchange of wide-eyed glances, they rushed the door. Peeking through, they saw no sign of the car. But Mom was crossing the farmyard – she was moving so fast that chickens jumped and flapped to get out of her way.
            “She’s headed for the shed!” Matt exclaimed and abandoned the door to rush to the kitchen window. Sarah lagged behind.
            “But Mom said to study,” she whined uncertainly.
            “We will!” Matt argued. “But I want to see first.”
            The big wooden windows had the same kind of lace curtains as the ones in the dining room. This time, Matt didn’t touch them. No, he crouched down low near the sill and squinted through. Dad had already pulled the car into the shed and gotten out. When Mom got to him, he shoved both hands through his hair in a quick, rough gesture and then dropped them. Matt couldn’t hear what Mom said back, but whatever it was made Dad shake his head. Then, Mom’s hands flung out to the side, and Matt’s stomach dropped. He knew that gesture. He used to see it right before he got paddled.
            “What’re they saying?” Sarah whispered, and Matt jumped. She was crouched behind him so close that she was practically breathing down his neck.
            “I don’t know,” he snapped, shrugging his shoulders uncomfortably at her closeness. The jerky motion sent her skittering backwards. Satisfied with the action, he dismissed her and pressed his face to the glass. “I wish we could hear.”


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