Deathwalker 5.3

            It was easier to worry about my family’s reaction than survival, my loss of control, or where I was going. But I couldn’t ignore the negatives for long. With a sigh, I raised my arm. Clicking my fingers together, I waited for the screen to load and glumly tried to convince myself that this would be the lowest point of the trip. It was far too easy to believe that yesterday was an omen of my luck for this job. Or possibly my career on Ialu.
            On the other hand, I’d talked to Tomas. Successfully. Without prep. I dropped my arm. I passed their stupid tests, too. I landed a big job. And avoided hurting anyone. Barely, but I did it. Maybe, I needed to look at this another way.
            Suddenly, I remembered a man in a trade station Neith and I passed through who’d been offering advice on the power of positive thinking. He was handsome and charming, and the crowd nodded or laughed whenever he said something. The more he talked, the more people gravitated to him like he was handing out free money (he wasn’t). Neith had snorted and pulled me through the crowd without hesitation.
            “It’s all about spin,” the gnarled old woman told me as we cleared the mob. “If you want to see it in action, watch a politivid, but don’t you go trying it. Deathwalkers can’t afford to lie to themselves.”
            I had watched the vids, and the trick seemed to be ignoring anything good about your opponent – and ignoring anything bad about yourself. If I was going to be honest with myself, I needed to keep track of both.

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