Wind Town 3.6

            Even as he strained to hear above the chickens, the windowpane rattled from the breeze.
            “They’re scared.”
            Matt jumped hard enough to hit his head on the window. At the same time, he tried to spin around and see who was speaking, but he ended up throwing himself off balance and falling back against the wall. Sarah’s reaction had been nearly identical, leaving them both sitting on the floor and staring into the empty room.
            “What about tomorrow?”
            “There’s no way they’re coming. We’re on our own.”
            Matt and Sarah flinched. This time, Matt recognized the voices. But how were they so close?
            “All that with the four of us? We would’ve had to start last week!”
            “We’ll have to save what we can.”
            “Linda,… what else can we do?”
            The sound was coming from above their heads. As if Mom and Dad were standing right outside the window. With a deep gulping breath, Matt braced himself and then dared to peek through. He couldn’t even see them by the shed anymore.
            The breeze caressed the window, and Matt froze.
            “I’ll get the kids. Lessons will have to wait.”
            An instant later, Mom appeared next to the shed. She was heading for the house. Matt ducked down instinctively and looked worriedly at the window. There was no movement, but he could feel the wind there, waiting.
            “Thanks,” he choked and swallowed. “I don’t need to hear anymore.”


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