Wind Town 3.8

            He tried to focus on the footsteps coming toward him, but he could barely hear over the pounding of his heart. He felt wired with energy and split four different ways as he tried to calm his breathing, keep the paper from shaking, listen to her approach, and pretend he hadn’t even heard her come in. He tried to look like he was reading, but he just knew that Mom would take one look at him and know exactly what he’d done – whatever it was.
            Even though Matt wasn’t entirely sure what he’d done, he was sure that it was something he wasn’t supposed to do.
            “All right, you two, go change into your work clothes.” His mom’s brisk order interrupted his thoughts.
            “Are we studying outside?” Matt spun around, everything forgotten in his excitement for actually getting to do something.
            “Not today. And I don’t want either of you saying one word to the wind while we’re working, is that clear?”
            Matt shrank into himself and fought not to squirm. He hadn’t meant to talk to it!


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