Deathwalker 5.7

            The feeling grew as I walked thoughtfully down the hall. Then, almost suddenly, it began to ebb again. I glanced at the number plate by the cabin door I’d just passed and continued walking, picking up the pace as I left the itching sensation behind.
            What kind of ship transported dead bodies in the cabins? I thought back to yesterday. And the engine room. You could fit a lot of dead in a ship like this, but why those locations and not the cargo bay? I immediately pictured the captain killing off members of the crew who disagreed with him – her – and stashing them where the remaining crew wouldn’t come across them.
            Shaking my head, I pushed the image away. My prejudice was showing. I needed to watch that. That sort of thinking was not a good way to make friends on ship. Unless the entire crew hated the captain. My lips quirked. Wouldn’t that be nice?
            I came to the broader door that Gri had pointed out yesterday and hesitated only an instant before going through. I could too easily imagine Gri lying about it being shared space and sending me straight into the captain’s quarters. I know, that’s pretty paranoid. But the whole ship felt like hostile territory, and walking through that door was harder than it should’ve been.
            Happily, he hadn’t lied. I passed the door for the facilities almost immediately, and although the need to use them was getting urgent, I continued on to scope out the kitchen and get an idea of the layout. After a quick glance, I headed back and found the men’s latrine. What was it Earth sailors used to call it?
            “The foot?” I muttered as I ran my hands through the instaclean. “No, the head.” I nodded. That was it.

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