Wind Town 3.9

            “Hurry now. We need to get out in the fields.”
            “But we’re supposed to do that tomorrow,” Sarah piped up, “with the Granges and-”
            “Not anymore,” Mom interrupted. “We need to get started yesterday, so hurry and change.”
            Her voice was brisk and had that edge she got when she was about to yell at them. Suddenly, the conversation they’d heard clicked in Matt’s mind, and all the excitement drained out of him. He swallowed and headed out of the dining room, grabbing Sarah’s arm before she could ask anything else. She started to anyway.
            “Yes, Mom,” he said loudly over her and quickly propelled Sarah back to their rooms.
            “But Matt-” Sarah objected, and Matt shushed her.
            “Get changed,” he hissed and darted into his room to do the same. He rushed over to his dresser and swiftly dug out his old work clothes. He changed in under a minute, and leaving everything else where it had fallen, he hurried back out, grabbing his boots on the way. Mom was already back outside, but Matt still put his boots on as fast as he could. If they weren’t out there in a minute, she’d definitely come looking for them.
            “I don’t understand,” Sarah whined. Matt glanced up as he tied the last lace. At least she’d changed. “Why aren’t we waiting for everyone to help?”
            “Weren’t you listening?” Matt snapped, standing. “They’re not coming!”
            When she goggled at him, he hissed with impatience and shoved her towards the chair.
            “Put your shoes on and stop talking about it. Mom and Dad are already upset.”
            He guessed she finally understood because she put her shoes on quickly and didn’t say another word as they ran outside.


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