Wind Town 4.0

            There was no sign of Mom and Dad in the yard. Matt grabbed the post and yanked himself to a halt at the edge of the porch. Sarah blasted by him and down the steps.
            “What are you doing?” she hollered back at him, spinning herself around and scattering chickens.
            “Hush!” he snapped and craned his head from side to side. He didn’t see anyone in the fields. When the wind tugged him toward the yard, he frowned but listened. At first, there was nothing except excited screeches and flutters, but then he thought he heard some sort of muted clatter of metal or wood coming from the barn. As soon as he caught the noise from the huge old structure, he took off. Ignoring the squawk of chickens (and sister), Matt darted through them and raced across the yard. He only slowed when he reached the partly open door, skidding to a halt for an instant before he stepped through the shadowy opening.
            As his eyes adjusted to the dim light that leaked through the narrow windows and the gaps between the slate roofing tiles, Matt walked steadily through the scattered straw and dirt until he could see the threatening shadows of old equipment. Mom didn’t like them to go back there (she was sure they’d fall on something and kill themselves). But that was where the noise was coming from.

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