Deathwalker 5.9

            “Your family.”
            Those gem-like eyes narrowed like a laser sight on a target. The constant pressure of that stare was incredible. Did the Teg not blink? Or was it on purpose? I found myself hoping it was genetic. As the silence (and stare) lengthened, I barely stopped myself from stepping backwards. I wanted to shift my shoulders and look at the floor, and that urge made me grit my teeth and stare back.
            “You are not Ialuan?” he asked finally.
            That was it? After all that?
            “What?” I blurted, blinking enough for both of us. “No. I’m Kaihmi.”
            It must’ve been the right thing to say. Everything about him brightened. Literally. I’d been told about the way they seemed to glow, but I’d thought my cousins were pulling my leg.
            “The seekers!” He exclaimed, beaming. Then, he frowned. “But you are a deathwalker.”
            My eyebrows rose. Hadn’t he said so earlier?
            “Yes, I’m a deathwalker. Deathwalker Sephtis,” I introduced myself with a polite smile and waited for him to return the favor. But as soon as I admitted to being a deathwalker, the welcoming glow faded. His eyes narrowed once more.
            “I thought seekers had no deathwalkers.” He said the last like it tasted vile. Obviously, this crew loved deathwalkers. And they were all really trusting and straightforward.
            “Only two I know of.” I shrugged though my smile faded. This trip was looking better all the time.

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