Wind Town 4.1

            In the flickering light of a bare bulb, the wicked-looking blades seemed to move on their own, and it was hard to tell the real edges from the shadows. It made for slow going. Picking his way through carefully, Matt relaxed slightly when he saw his parents on the far side. He began to move more purposefully although he was still cautious of the masses of protruding metal.
            “Here it is.”
            Matt was nearly through the snarl of equipment when the words stopped him. Looking up quickly, he saw his dad reach up and lift something off the wall. Another confusing tangle, the straight wooden pieces ended in curving blades of dark metal. As Dad swung it down, the blades reached for Mom like greedy claws. With a strangled gasp, Matt lurched forward.
            Before he’d gone more than an inch, the blades stopped, but that was too late for Matt. Unable to stop his lunge, he stumbled straight into a strange contraption of poles and spikes. A heavy gear punched him in the ribs with bruising force, knocking the breath out of him and throwing him even more off balance. The whole left side of the machine spun and moved with him, clanging discordantly against the rest as Matt staggered to his knees.
            “Matt!” Only his mom could sound shocked and scolding at the same time. “What are you doing back here?” Even as she said it, she darted over and ran her hands over him. “Are you hurt?”


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