Wind Town 4.2

            Matt jerked away but stopped when his back ran into something pointy.
            “What’s that?” he blurted, staring at the frightening weapon in his dad’s hands. Even as he rubbed his side, he never took his eyes off of it. The only reason for something to have that many blades was to hurt someone, so why did his dad have one?
            Mom sat back on her heels with a surprised expression.
            “It’s a scythe,” his dad said. Matt stared at it in disbelief.
            “But all the blades!” he protested, pointing at them.
            “That’s the cradle,” Dad said in a baffled tone. Matt’s face screwed up skeptically at the name, and Dad hesitated before going on. “It… directs the grain and makes it easier to pick up later.” He trailed off, turning to his wife for guidance. She waved him aside and took Matt firmly by the shoulders.
            “Are you all right?”
            “That thing-” Matt tried to reconcile his dad’s explanation to the clawed weapon in front of him.
            “You’ll get your turn with the scythe soon enough,” she said in a firm tone that warned him not to argue. “Now, answer me. Are you hurt?”
            Soundlessly, Matt shook his head. She titled her chin down and frowned, considering him.
            “I’m fine!” he said and struggled to get up. “Just bruised!” Although she didn’t quite look like she believed him, she helped pull him out of the tangle of tools.


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