Deathwalker 6.0

            I sure knew how to put a damper on a conversation. And a day. Trudging back to my quarters, I studied the floor absently as my mind turned around the problem of finding the Kaihmi dead in space. I’d worried it so many different ways over the years that the edges of the problem were worn smooth. Every time I thought about it, I came to the same conclusion: this was one freezer that was simply too big.
            Making a face, I kicked an imaginary speck of dust with my toe. Normally, this was where Neith would smack my shoulder and tell me to worry about now. That would definitely raise my spirits – I was doing so well at solving my current problems. I kicked another piece of dust and shook my head. So far today, my biggest accomplishment had been to learn Caldling eating habits and to meet a Teg. (I’d’ve liked to say made friends with a Teg or at least gotten a start on that. But I’d promised not to lie to myself.)
            A strange tingling in the back of my mind made me lift my eyes to the corridor – like earlier. I’d almost forgotten about it. Now, as I studied the door numbers, I was sure it was the same section of the hallway as before. I took a cautious step forward. The feeling got stronger. My eyes narrowed, and my lips curved. This was one mystery I could solve.

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