Wind Town 4.4

            At the back wall, both Dad and his creepy claw-thing turned and disappeared behind a hulking metal shadow. Matt blinked and rushed to catch up. Were they going through the tools? When he reached the wall, he found a neat path between the equipment and the barn doors. Thinking of his own treacherous route, Matt flushed and then scowled. If they’d told him about the path instead of treating him like a baby, he wouldn’t’ve had to go through them at all.
            “Matt, help me with this door.” Dad set down the scythe and pushed one of the big sliding doors open.
            Sunlight burst into the dark barn, and Sarah burst in right behind it. Matt shielded his eyes and glared at both resentfully.
            “Where were you?” she demanded. Then, she saw the scythe and ran up to it, her face alight with curiosity. “What’s that?” Her obvious fascination sparked his already fouling temper.
            “It’s a scythe, moron!” he snapped. Her face immediately folded into mutinous lines.
            “It is not! I know what scythes look like!” She stuck out her tongue. “Fat-head!”
            “That’s enough of that.” Mom stepped between them and gave them both a scalding look. “Sarah, I told you to wait in the field.”

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