Deathwalker 6.1

            Newly energized, I began methodically stepping forward. With each slow step, I analyzed the strength of the feeling. There was no question that it was getting stronger, but judging from this morning, the cause was still somewhere in front of me. I eliminated one door and took another step forward. At the same time, my ears strained for any sign of occupancy. The last thing I needed was a passenger complaining to the captain that I was snooping around their quarters. Or worse, decide to deal with me personally. I winced and cautiously edged a little more to the left.
            Frowning, I made sure I stayed closer to the middle of the corridor but didn’t stop my steady advance. My eyes were locked on the wall and the doors. Three left in the area I’d passed through before. I considered them thoughtfully. I had a feeling about R48. Without taking my eyes off it, I forced myself to take another measured pace forward when what I wanted to do was rush to the door, throw it open, and confirm my suspicions – except what did that mean, exactly? All I knew was that something was causing my deathwalker senses to react. Something that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Only it didn’t feel precisely like a graveyard either. There was more to it than that. And less at the same time.
            I had to shake my head at that. It didn’t make any sense, and somehow, it was absolutely true.


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