Wind Town 4.5

            “Since you couldn’t do that, go get the twine and the old scissors.” She cut off Sarah’s next protest with a raised finger. “Now.” Sarah drooped but dashed out the door. “And don’t run back!”
            Matt rolled his eyes and headed out behind her.
            “Matt, don’t forget the door,” his dad called out.
            Matt made a face at the open door and kept walking.
            “Matt, your dad asked you to help with the door.”
            “He already opened one. He doesn’t need help.”
            “Help him anyway.” Her voice held a warning note.
            So they wouldn’t tell him anything, but they’d boss him around and make him do pointless stuff? Seething inside, Matt stomped over to the door and shoved it so hard that it slammed into the stop and bounced back a couple inches, rocking on its track.
            “What?” he snapped. “I did it.”
            With that, he stalked out to the field. It’s not like they needed him for anything. They had magic. They could do whatever they wanted and not even tell him about it. But he wasn’t allowed to do magic. He couldn’t even talk to the wind. What a jip!
            He kept walking even when he heard the sound of the cart behind him. A small voice in his head warned him that he was being a jerk. That only made him madder. Mom and Dad would be sure to point it out, and everything would get blamed on him even though it was their fault.

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