Deathwalker 6.2

            Huffing an annoyed breath, I eyed the generic gray door. What would they keep there that felt like the dead? There was no way they’d transport a corpse in the passenger quarters. They’re not cold enough, for one, and I’d hate to think how hard it would be to get rid of the resulting smell. Inching another step forward, I searched my brain for possible explanations. The obvious ones were dismissed – serial killers on space ships were fine for vid serials, but, honestly, trying to hide on a ship this small simply wasn’t feasible anymore. The cost of the sensor blockers alone made it ridiculous to try. And the whole crew would have to be in on a plot to kill passengers (not the most reassuring thought).
            As I moved gradually closer, I listed and dismissed possibility after possibility. It definitely helped distract me from wanting to rush ahead, but I didn’t feel any closer to having answers. What I had was plenty of questions.
            Could it be a passenger from a culture where they keep parts of the dead? I vaguely remembered an ancient tradition where they turned the deceased’s ashes into jewelry. Was that still done? Could that possibly cause such a strong sensation? I wasn’t sure that it could. Unless the jewelry was really large. Or didn’t people use to stuff their dead pets with sand? What was that called?


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