Wind Town 4.7

            Even without words, the meaning came through. Into his mind and straight to his heart. He still felt the sick twist of guilt in his stomach, but the surge of panic ebbed and then fell away completely in the face of that gentle confidence. Deep down, he knew that the wind was right. As his heart rate calmed, he tried to nod but couldn’t against the force constraining him. It was a strange feeling, but with that soothing message still being sent through him, it was no longer frightening. And that same message told him what to do. Closing his eyes tighter, he tried to communicate back to the wind in that same speechless way – All right.
            He hung there for an interminable moment, bound and frozen in invisible bonds as he tried to project all the meaning behind those two words. Slowly, the wind warmed and gentled. The pressure holding his arms and legs eased, and as his weight returned gradually to his legs, he realized for the first time that the wind had also been holding him upright. Even now as his weight shifted back to his feet, he would have stumbled if not for the wind’s quick movement to stop him. Again, he felt that soundless communion.
            I would not let you fall.


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