Deathwalker 6.4

            “Equal.” The word was said with a weight, a nuance I couldn’t interpret. He turned back slowly and considered me for a long moment. Even the silence seemed heavy.
            “I am Kith.” He said it simply. As if daring me to ask for more. He didn’t realize how happy I was to get a name, let alone a race. I could search his race.
            “I am pleased to meet you, Kith,” I answered just as simply. I glanced at the Light One, hoping Kith’s example would encourage him to introduce himself, too. Nope.
            “What is this tax-thing you speak of? Do deathwalkers have special taxes?” Kith glanced over his shoulder again, directing the second question somewhere between me and the Teg.
            “I know not. Before, he spoke of heads in a place where they are not used.” As he spoke he jerked his head back behind them to indicate the lavatories. I winced and hoped the heat in my cheeks wasn’t visible. Especially since they were both staring at me now.
            “I was trying to remember the term for an old Earth practice,” I explained hurriedly. “I didn’t realize I said it out loud.” That was twice in one morning. If I wasn’t careful, they’d decide I was crazy and throw me out the airlock. From the looks on their faces, they might already be considering it. Although it was hard to tell with Kith. His expressions were beginning to remind me of Ter Dryst – how did they manage to look expressionless and incredulous at the same time?

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