Deathwalker 6.5

            “You speak to yourself of old things?” he asked slowly, still eyeing me warily.
            “Sometimes…” I smiled awkwardly. “It’s a job hazard.”
            Another silence as the two of them shared a considering glance. Kith looked at me sideways. I tried to look friendly, professional, and non-threatening (which mostly involved smiling and standing up straight).
            “And this tax-something you said, it is an old law? A tradition?”
            “Something like that.” I got the feeling that stuffing dead pets with sand was something I didn’t want to bring up with these two. And if I remembered right, there were laws related to it. Before Kith could ask for more details, I turned to the Teg. “And Earth sailors used to call the toilet the head.” Those gem-like eyes expressed horror better than any other I’d ever seen.
            “This is horrible name!” he exclaimed. “This is not what head does!” He looked so alarmed that I couldn’t help but laugh.
            “Well, I’ve heard of a pea-brain, but I don’t think that’s what it meant,” I chuckled. Then, I realized they weren’t laughing.
            “A pee…” Kith mouthed with obvious disgust. The Light One shuddered.
            “Oh… no, no! Um, it means that someone has a small brain, the size of a pea, a small bean…it was a pun…” I spluttered slowly to a halt as they continued to stare. “I’m going to shut up now.”


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