Wind Town 5.1

            There was no response in words. And after a moment, the strong feeling of presence faded. Matt sighed and focused on his dad’s directions.
            “Take one grip in your left hand and the other with your right.” Dad followed his own instructions as he spoke, showing Matt how the left hand counterbalanced the weight of the blade and cradle (that name still baffled Matt). “You can use the weight to help your swing, but be careful. Don’t swing wildly, and aim low to the ground” He swung forcefully from right to left. Matt flinched back from it, but the only thing it cut was a three-foot swath of wheat. The cut plants were caught by the cradle and swept together to the left.
            As Matt watched, his dad took a step forward and swung the scythe again. Then, he took another step. In another handful of steps, he had a rectangle cut into the field about the size of their kitchen table.
            “Sarah, Matt, you can both help with this part.” Mom brushed by Matt and began picking up the fallen wheat. Once she had about enough to fill her hand, she gathered it into a bundle and loosely tied it with the twine Sarah had brought from the house.
            “But…Dad wants me to help him,” Matt objected hesitantly.
            “You will.” Her voice was soft and grim. “He’s going to need a break in a little while. When he does, you’ll get your turn with the scythe.”


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