Deathwalker 7.2

            No need to rush interaction, anyway. On the other hand, if I wanted to gawk, I’d better hurry – I was pretty sure I only had a few minutes, tops, before they noticed me again. Moving only my eyes, I quickly went back to checking out the crew.  One peek at the figure sitting next to the Teg had me cursing my plan to be still. From behind, all I could see was a small, slender build with sallow skin and a long mane of vibrantly red hair. Not enough to tell gender or race, at least none that I knew. I had never seen such a mix on a ship before!
            Vibrating like a robot waiting for a command’s sign off, I turned to the next in line and immediately had to raise my head. There was no way anyone else at the table was blocking my view of him. He was tall and more than twice as wide as the crewman next to him. And from the fall of his shirt, it was all muscle. I had a feeling that he could break me in half with one hand – maybe one finger. By accident.
            Fascinated, I lost track of the ongoing argument and eagerly absorbed every detail I could. His face was broad and wide yet somehow rounded with deep-set eyes and a long, smooth face, culminating in a broad mouth and two angled nostril slits. They flared slightly, and I felt a trickle of unease. With the angle of the eyes…
            My heart sank, and I felt heat creep up the back of my neck. Meeting the dark eye nearest me, I smiled apologetically.
            “Then, we test him.”
            That got my attention.
            “Again?” I blurted. Everyone swung toward me, and I winced back. The Teg wasn’t blinking again. Smooth, Seph. Really smooth.
            “I will open call.” The Teg jumped off the chair as soon as he finished and glided over the heads of his crewmates down the length of the table to the wall beyond. The length of the flight was longer than I expected. Standing as tall as I could, I peered over the others and could kind of see what could be a seating area. With the lights off over there, it all blended together with the dark wall.
            The Teg reached the wall and tapped one well-worn section. The wall lit, casting the seating area in a harsh silhouette. Was that someone’s legs?
            “Call Ahu.”
            My eyes widened. Ahu?


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