Deathwalker 8.2

            “Sorry,” the giant said again. “I did not think.”
            “There was several not thinking,” the Light One said casting a stern glare at Gri and the man on the couch. I couldn’t read Gri’s expression. The other man’s amusement was gone. Now, he looked bored if anything. He looked like he hadn’t moved at all – who stayed lazing dismissively on a couch with an angry Caldling diving at him?
            And as the Light One spoke, the man raised his eyes up to the ceiling like a disdainful child listening to a familiar and tiresome lecture. The Light One’s glittering eyes narrowed, and I took a reflexive step back.
            “Enough, Mor,” Kith said as he stood. “Gri has learned a lesson, and Faris cannot be taught one, whatever you wish.”
            The Light One sniffed and settled his wings like an annoyed sterrling. Kith’s lips curved slightly as he extended one massive hand to Metz. Her hand as she took it was unusually thin and slender. As his hand closed around hers, effectively hiding it, I frowned. How many fingers had she had?
            She stumbled a little as she stood, and her voluminous skirt twisted, outlining her lower body briefly before swinging back out. I blinked, mentally adding up what I’d seen. Fighting to conceal my excitement, I stepped casually to the side so that I could examine her silhouette. The loose skirt hung stiffly and with a very specific, deliberately stylish curve in the back. I nodded with approval. Make a fashion statement, and no one would look any deeper. The proper shoes would take care of the rest.
            “Amazing,” I mumbled under my breath.
            I looked up to find Kith and Metz regarding me with identically blank expressions.
            “You said something?” Kith asked. Despite his polite tone, I got the impression that I had better give the right answer. Or else. My mouth dropped open on a quick surge of envy. How did he do that? If I tried that, people would laugh at me.
            And now he was giving me that look again.
            “I was admiring Metz’ dress,” I supplied, thinking fast. “It reminds me of a sketch I saw of historic gowns from ancient Earth.”
            Kith raised an eyebrow. The Light One, however, laughed.
            “More talk of old things!”
            The man on the couch snorted. I tensed, hoping he would stop there.
            “Nice cover.”
            “Enough, Faris,” Kith said in a tired tone.
            “Then, give the kid a break. So he doesn’t like-”
            “Excuse me,” I interrupted forcefully and loudly. “I don’t believe we’ve been introduced.”
            Even with the word unspoken, the air felt suddenly heavy with the fury of a storm about to break, and the crew stood like statues, muscles tensed and giving off a energy that was downright chilling. Didn’t this guy have any sense of self-preservation?
            “Hisss name isss Farisss,” came a silky sibhilance from behind me, and the temperature in the room dropped to freezing. “You were sssaying, Farisss?”

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