Wind Town 6.2

            With newly energized steps, Matt rushed to the kitchen. His dad was standing in front of the old stove with a wooden spoon in one hand and a plate in the other. Matt’s mouth watered as he watched his dad scoop a large pile of yellow eggs and crisp bacon onto the plate. Dad turned with the plate, caught sight of Matt and grinned.
            “Right on time,” he said and jerked his head toward the pan. “Grab a plate before it’s all gone.”
            More than happy to comply, Matt hurried to the cupboard while Dad carried his plate to the little kitchen table. Plate in hand, Matt turned to the stove and nearly genuflected when he saw the huge cast iron skillet filled with eggs and bacon. Mom had cooked enough for an army! Grinning with anticipation, Matt reached for the wooden spoon. When his hand closed around it, he felt the heat that had seeped into the wood and paused. Glancing down at the burner and the flickering light beneath it, he bit his lip for a millisecond.
            “Thank you for cooking the food,” he mouthed soundlessly.
            When there was no response, he sighed with relief and eagerly started scooping eggs and bacon onto his plate. He had to force himself to stop and leave some for Mom and Sarah – he felt like he could eat the entire pan of food and still be hungry!
            In two steps, he was sitting at the table and eating his first bite of hot, juicy bacon (cooked to the perfect amount of crispness). Matt moaned with sheer bliss and shoved in another piece. For an unknown length of time, Matt’s world narrowed down to delicious bacon and bite after bite of light, fluffy eggs.
            As the food on his plate dwindled, he slowly became aware of Sarah sitting across from him and eating with the same single-mindedness. The table clunked hollowly as Mom set a plate of toast in between them.
            “Get some toast, and don’t be afraid to go back for seconds,” she said, settling behind her own plate. “We’ll need the energy.”
            Squeaking wood almost drowned out her last sentence as Dad took her at her word, pushed his chair back from the table, and headed back to the stove. Matt was right behind him.

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