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Catch Up: An Exercise in Silliness

SC: [sing-songy]

Catch up, ketchup, caught –
A single line of thought.
So easily squished, so easily dead.
Are you sure I can’t just read instead?


IC: What is that even about? Ketchup?

SC: Don’t judge!

Automatic Thought

Even mundane – an
Xray of automatic thought
Portrayed as unusual and
Exciting, despite its obviousness:
Certainty of others’
Thoughts gives way:
Ease overriding creativity. How
Do they stand it?

But for Sighs

Hear the throbbing hum of the air conditioning
Trailed by a lighter, higher rattle of the fan.
Through them both, pencils scrape,
Little whispers of sound –
Now fast. Now slow. Now silent.
A rubber tip beats a drum beat
Once. Twice. A frown. It stops.
High and sibilant, paper slithers
Across a plastic desk, across other pages,
Then, loudly protests as it flips and bends.
Fingers tap, feet fidget –
But lips and mouths stay still but for sighs:
Silent people in a loud room.

Summer Break Is Coming

So says the clock with each tick and each tock,
Ushering kids through their work
Pushing classes through the day,
A slow drip of sand adding sun to each ray
Closer and closer, the teachers all pray:
Summer break is coming – it’s just days away!

Sparkling Bright

See the single drop,
So pure and sparkling bright:
Essence of sunlight


Humming and pulsing
The heartbeat of the summer
Where wind cannot reach.

Mother’s Day

It’s sending a note on a busy week
Whether an email, a text, or a card.
It’s dropping by for a hug and a kiss
Especially when the drive seems too far.
It’s calling after the long drive home
Too keep her from worrying all night.
It’s time and thought and taking the time –
Make more than her Mother’s Day bright.

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