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Morning Traffic

A rumbling woosh
In nonsynchronous chorus:
Held by colored lights

Summer Storm

Fast, glistening streaks
Sparkling through bright sunbeams:
A shower of light

Terror of Stillness

A slow rise and fall
Breaks the terror of stillness:
Vivid proof of life

A Distant Humming

A distant humming,
A welcome, wintery breeze:
A high power bill

Flickering Sunbeams

Flickering sunbeams
Silhouetting living green
In blinding magic

Fracturing Ripples

Fracturing ripples
Across a bright, mirrored world
From dripping feathers

Encompassing Roar

Encompassing roar:
A dragon’s breath blasting forth
A most welcome heat

Maple Seeds

Wing and weight in one,
Dizzied in mad, frenzied flight
Made hopeless by stone

A Constant Chorus

A constant chorus:
Flutes, whistles, woodwinds, and strings –
Feathers, branches, breeze.

Whispering Secrets

Whispering secrets:
Bottled, burgeoning pressure
Chained by a promise

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