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Cornered by Feelings

Cornered by feelings
The fluttering heart escapes
In turning pages

And So

Planted and tended,
It grew until abandoned –
Dormant and waiting.

Without Dreams

A life without dreams
Drifts like a rudderless ship
Tossed by restless seas.


Is it mind control?
This small, innocuous box
That steals my hours.

Hunks of History

Hunks of history
Carved from once-living caverns:
A humble walkway

Socks: A Haiku

Tiny twisted strands
Woven together in threads
All for simple warmth

Thought’s Antithesis

Thought’s antithesis
And manipulation’s tool:
A cruel income.

A Silent Layer

A silent layer
The watered seed of danger,
Barren of intent

Sitting Together

Sitting together
Entirely separate
A cruel distance

Clunk Whine

Clunk clunk clunk clunk whine
Whistle buzz clunk clank grind
Sings the MRI

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