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Dawn Haiku

A massive spotlight
Splits the dark of a vast stage,
And the act begins.


Chalk drawings on air
Portioning infinity
In bright illusions

Butterfly Haiku

A pulse of color
Bright, dark, swimming through the air
Like living rainbows

Waterfall Haiku

Essence of a storm,
White noise to roaring extreme,
In fierce, falling flow

Unwelcoming Welcome

Stark grey and white rooms,
Air like a cold, winter breeze,
Splashes of harsh red

A Silent Struggle

A silent struggle:
Colors buffeted and tossed
To sounds imagined


A gentle patter
Topped occasionally by
A deluging rush

A Consuming Fog

A consuming fog
Covers like a down blanket:
Deep, dark, and peaceful

Mood Swings

A sudden darkness
As the newly gray sky cries
Then, flash, back to smiles.

A Constant Rumble

A constant rumble
Humming loud in the background:
The wake of people.

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