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Spun from Ice Haiku

Delicate flowers
Spun from hair-thin strands of ice:
Artistry of cold

Tension Released Haiku

Long amassed tension
Released without conscious thought:
A burst of laughter

Season’s End Haiku

Dry, curling branches
Drop needle upon needle
Forcing season’s end

Persistent Glow Haiku

Gold pushing through red,
A distant, persistent glow:
Sunny wake-up call.

Impossible Tasks Haiku

Impossible tasks
Encroach on life like black mold:

Harmonious Splendor Haiku

Like bright, glowing souls
In harmonious splendor,
Reaching out to hearts

Waking Up Haiku

Surrounded by warmth,
A soft, encompassing hug:
Temporary bliss

Closet Haiku

Long draping colors
Squashed together like close friends:
Dizzying rainbows

A Gray Light Haiku

A gray light: crisp, clear
Yet somehow shadowed and dim –
A vibrant darkness

Air Haiku

Invisible cage,
Not a hard wall or limit:
Felt now in its bite

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