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Encompassing Roar

Encompassing roar:
A dragon’s breath blasting forth
A most welcome heat

Maple Seeds

Wing and weight in one,
Dizzied in mad, frenzied flight
Made hopeless by stone

A Constant Chorus

A constant chorus:
Flutes, whistles, woodwinds, and strings –
Feathers, branches, breeze.

Whispering Secrets

Whispering secrets:
Bottled, burgeoning pressure
Chained by a promise

Flower Fall

Swirling and turning
In sweetly fragrant showers:
Nature’s confetti


Bright yellow faces,
Bobbing on long, slender stems:
Smiling at the sun

Spring Snow

Small flickers of white
Floating over bright new buds:
Winter’s final taunts.


Hushed, somber whispers
Cultivated fields of grass
Sown and fed in wealth

Soft, Singing Whispers

Soft, singing whispers
Chorus from the restless night,
Communing with trees

Spirits of Spring

A flicker of red
Followed by bright, brassy calls:

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