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A World Rewritten

A vertical world
Now rewritten, restructured
Without matching skills

Waging War

Particles of Earth –
Cut grass, tossed pollen, and dust:
Nature waging war

Burning, Living Green

Vibrant, living green,
Darkened and edged with yellow:
A fire without smoke

Blades of Flashing Light

Blades of flashing light
An army, a deadly score
All aimed for the eyes.

Finest White

A shimmering fur
Of finest white like rich silks
With a hidden bite

Stretching to the Sun

Stretching to the sun
Like a cat to petting hands:
See the purring leaves.

The Withered Blossom

The withered blossom
Hangs limply, shriveled and brown:
A relic of spring.

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